Recharge. Return. Get Paid. Help Planet.

Cashing in the Can does Your Wallet and the Planet a World of Good.

As someone who lives in California, you know that when the summer hits, you’ve got to keep your cool. That might mean recharging your vehicle’s AC refrigerant, but you’ve got to do it right. That ensures that you’re not leaking refrigerant into the air and wasting money. Don’t worry! We’ll show you how.


When you’re done, just finish the job and cash in the can! You can return any of the leftover refrigerant (still in the can) to where you bought it and get your $10 deposit back!

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Did You Know?

Recharging your Auto’s AC yourself, can save money and doing it right can help the planet.

How to Recharge Your Automotive Air Conditioning

In this video, we’ll show you how to recharge your auto’s AC system properly, so you avoid leaking refrigerant into the atmosphere. That helps you save money, and help the planet.

Find out how to get the $10 core charge that you paid when you purchased your R134a Automotive Refrigerant. Find the charge on your receipt and learn all the things you should know before cashing in the can.

Learn about the environmental effects that an improper recharge can contribute to and how to avoid making those mistakes. We also speak to the importance of returning the can, where you bought it, for proper disposal and to get your $10 core charge back.

Cash In The Can is a program created by the Car Care Council as a public awareness campaign.
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