Californians: Don’t leave your money sitting in a can.


In California, you pay a $10 deposit when buying auto refrigerant. It’s up to you to get it back.

You might not even realize you paid it in the first place. Ten dollars isn’t chump change. It’s your incentive to return the can and have it properly disposed.

Getting your money back is easy. You may not need your receipt. It’s your money! Get it back.

The More You Know:

  • First, DO NOT empty the can into the air. The whole point is to keep refrigerant out of the air until it can be handled by professionals.
  • Take it back to the store where you bought it from.
  • Simply go to a register and tell them you’d like to return the can for your $10 core charge. They’ll know what to do. Then you walk away ten dollars richer.

Calfornians:  watch  this  &  learn  how  to  get  your  money  back

Did You Know?

Alexander Hamilton, who’s on the ten-dollar bill, wasn’t a president—but he practically invented our currency. To encourage the new American spirit, he recommended putting presidential faces on our money. Since there was only one president at that time, this meant the first honor went to his good friend George Washington.

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There are a lot of reasons for knowing how to recharge you automotive air conditioning the proper way. When you know how to recharge it right, the first thing you are insuring, is that you aren’t wasting any money.

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Environmental Benefits

Learn about the environmental effects that an improper recharge can contribute to and how to avoid making those mistake. We also speak to the importance of returning the can, where you bought it, for proper disposal and to get your $10 core charge back.

Cash In The Can is a program created by the Car Care Council as a public awareness campaign.
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