The planet needs your help.

When you “Cash-in the Can” you are investing in a healthier future and pocketing the change.

True, just returning your used can of R-134A refrigerant isn’t going to save the world from global warming. That’s a big problem that will require many changes. But every little bit helps. When you DIY your own auto AC recharge, be sure to finish the job. Return your can to where you bought it. That keeps dangerous refrigerant out of the atmosphere—and puts ten dollars back in your pocket.


See  how  you  are  helping  the  environment  when  you  cash  in  the  can

Did You Know?

Nearly 10 years ago, manufactures of R134a Automotive Refrigerant, saw the need to change the way their product was being used, by switching to a more environmentally friendly gas, redesigned the can, and created the core charge program to encourage safe disposal of the can.

It’s important to protect the environment.

We think of the sky as a big place, but the atmosphere is actually surprisingly thin. If you were to hold a model globe in your hands, the atmosphere would be about as thick as a coat of varnish on it.

The atmosphere contains gasses that act like a blanket that keeps our planet at a comfortable range of temperatures. But that mix of gasses is changing fast. In just a past few decades, we’ve burned a lot of stuff that adds carbon dioxide (and worse) into the air. These gases that make the atmospheric blanket warmer. This is already having a serious effect on weather, intensifying storms, droughts, fires, floods and more.

Here’s where you and your vehicle’s AC system come in.

A lot of time and money were spent on redesigning the can and creating a program that would give automotive DIY’ers the opportunity to do their part to help out the planet. Now, it’s up to you to explore the rest of this site and learn how to properly recharge your vehicles AC and finish the job by cashing in the can.

What am I supposed to do about It?

When you do your part to protect the environment, you’ll not only feel good, you’ll be helping future generations have a cleaner and safer planet to live on. Properly recharging your A/C and recycling the can won’t entirely fix the problem, but it’s an important step in the right direction.

Please, Remember This One Thing

When you DIY your auto AC, the job’s not done until you “cash-in the can.” Return your can of refrigerant to get your $10 back. Then kick back and rest assured it will be handled properly and kept out of the air. That way we can all breathe a little easier.

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Find out how to get the $10 core charge that you paid for when you purchased your R134a Automotive Refrigerant. See where the charge is on your receipt all the things you should know before cashing in the can.

Cash In The Can is a program created by the Car Care Council as a public awareness campaign.
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